Why Chair-ity

On Thursday, October 1st 2015, we will hold our 3rd annual Chair-Ity Auction for KidsPeace Foster Care. With little planning, our 1st annual was a huge success. With the earlier preparation, additional team members, and bigger sponsors, this year is sure to make a HUGE impact on the organization, especially if YOU join us for the event.

We passed out 44 old wooden school chairs to local artist around the community. These artist have already turned their chairs into BEAUTIFUL works of art and are ready to be auctioned off LIVE on October 1st at the Marquis Market in Downtown Fayetteville NC.

What do chairs have to do with KidsPeace you might ask? These chairs came to us a lot like the foster kids do… Torn, tattered, scuffed up, banged up, bruised and broken. The “fixing” of these chairs represents the foster families helping the kids. Providing a little love, care and special attention can go a long way. We will be auctioning off these chairs to raise awareness and to put something once jaded back into the world with a new beginning. Help us make a difference.

We have a Facebook Page set up with a lot followers. We are currently building our commitments from local business owners for sponsorships. The artist will be driving traffic towards their page on this website in hopes to be a part of the top 20 “People Choice” awards. The top 20 will be auctioned off LIVE on Oct 1st and the rest will be auctioned off using the “silent auction” clip boards.

Between September 1st and October 1st, we will be displaying the chairs in various businesses all over the community. They will move every few weeks ending up at their final place, The Marquis Market, until the night of Oct 1st. Each chair will identify with its potential owner. All proceeds from this evening will go towards KidsPeace. We hope you will join us for this GREAT event!